Crinum Queen Emma seed question

debbiep_gwAugust 13, 2009

Hi,I received a crinum QE seed(not sure this is what they are called on crinum)anyway any tips on how to plant it?TIA.Debbie

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Sure - just put it in a pot of moist soil, cover about an inch deep, and stick the whole thing inside a ziplock bag. Put it someplace where it gets some light, but no direct sun, so as not to parboil it, and wait for green shoots to emerge. Once that happens, move it into a warm, sunny window for the winter. I'm assuming this is C. procerum, which might be hardy for you (it's not in 7b) once it gets some size on it, but it'll need to be kept potted inside for the first couple of years. They're called seeds on crinums too, even though they tend not to be hard and brown like some seeds, behaving more like small bulbs. Hope this helps!

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Thanks,it does help but is there a certain end that stays up or does it not matter?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I planted some Chessmasters about six weeks ago and had the same question. I planted them on top of the soil and hoped for the best, and all but one came up. I just went outside to look at them to see if I could see anything that might help you. It appears that I planted them upside down because the sprouts are coming from underneath the seeds. This leads me to believe that they're very forgiving and you should be alright either way. (If bubba comes on with specifics, by all means follow his info. He's King Crinum.)

Just for your information, I was surprised at how grasslike the new leaves look.

Bubba, thanks for the tip on bringing them inside for the winter. I doubt I would have thought of that.

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