Gladiolus won't bloom great plant

justuschickens(nCA mtns z7)August 14, 2005

I don't know what to do to my glads. No matter where I try them I get a big plant with no flowers. Moved them for light,soil,sun everyting I could think of what is needed to bloom? There are some a 1/2 mile up my drive that have reverted to the wild natural purple. They bloom every year. Don't know how they got planted, frustrating...... I will dig some of those this fall see if they grow here but I wanted other colors too if they work any idea's....

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Did you feed them? Is your soil high nitrogen content? I would try some bulb food or a high phosphorus like Super Bloom to see if you can get them to bloom. I've never had that problem with mine, even after I amended my soil with manure. Where did you get your corms?


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Justus---as pointed out what you have been feeding your glads may have a lot to do with how they flower....if they flower.

Perhaps your bed is close to a lawn area where you feed it high nitrogen on a regular basis.
Sooner or later, after years of enriching the lawn area with high nitrogen, it can have an effect on how well (if) your plants thrive.

Many times, plants will the production of foliage...and deny flowering.
That can be put right at the feet of the nitrogen that is causing the plant to grow--but refuse to bloom.

Glads are encouraged to be in soil that drains well and fed superphosphate or bone meal in early spring and thereafter fed a fertilizer such as 5/10/10 when spikes begin to develop.

You in California are encouraged also to plant species that are planted when it is cooler. It is advised you stay away from those that need to be planted during the high heat season.

Then too, due to your heat and lot of sun, it is suggested that you put the plants in deep...6" at least.

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justuschickens(nCA mtns z7)

Great info not sure how to check for nitrogen but dought it's high I will try the fertilizers you suggested. When I do this may be everything too. Thanks all of you....

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blueheron(z6 PA)

I know you don't have to dig them up in CA, but if you did, you could snap off the old corms. Maybe that would help.

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I'm sure my glads aren't blooming because my husband fertilizes every year, near the bed. Is there anything I can do to negate the effect of nitrogen?

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