Repotting Rosemary

fortyonenorth(6b)March 15, 2012

So, this morning I repotted a rosemary that I've abused for the past several years. It was flourishing despite the less-than-ideal potting mix I used last time I potted up.

I was able to remove most of the substrate from the roots, selectively trimmed the roots, and then cut off a rather large mass of roots that had formed at the bottom of the pot. Once, I had it settled into its new home, I cut back the top by about 1/3 or so. I generally like the 5-1-1 type mixes, but I figured the rosemary would appreciate the gritty mix, so I'm giving that a try.

Here's a question. I think I did a good job of matching the top and root pruning. Are there any signs to be aware of that signal that I didn't cut back enough on top?

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Sounds OK to me. Keep it in the shade for the next month or so to give the roots time to establish new feeders. Al

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Cutting back top growth when you transplant or root prune to offset root loss is kind of an old school concept that has lost favor by most horticulturists. It is the top growth that provides energy to the roots for rapid regeneration, even more so with evergreen plants like rosemary, so cutting back the top growth should be minimized. OTOH, rosemary is a pretty tough plant and frequent pruning for culinary purposes doesn't faze it so I would not be overly concerned about your cutting back the top. However, you should not need to do any further top pruning at this point.

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A timely post as I need to do the same thing to my herb planter. How exactly do you root-trim? I have literally had people telling me to do this in this forum for two years or so to this rosemary, but taken the denial approach (ignoring the thing) because I have no idea how to do that.

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