sweet cherry tree in gritty mix

queensinfoMarch 9, 2012

Any special tweaks to the formula for gritty specific to this type of "plant". What would the fertilizer experts here suggest for a fert regiment? I planned on osmocote and using maybe foliar pro but should i do that consistently throughout growing season or just focus on a specific time to fertilize (bloom, fruit set, fruit ripening, first thing in spring)?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Just your standard ol' run of the mill gritty mix will work very well on Prunus. I would just apply FP 9-3-6 (or MG 24-9-16/12-4-8) weekly or bi-weekly. Consistent applications of fertilizer that assure fairly even and favorable levels are fine - mother nature doesn't turn the nutrient supply on and off - except to the degree that soil life activity slows markedly as soil temps fall below 55*. Take not of that and withhold fertilizers at those low temps - especially urea-based fertilizers.


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thanks Al. Should i add the gypsum? I still cant find the right pine bark fines though it is driving me nuts.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Take a more laid back approach. ;-)

If you use the FP 9-3-6, there is no need to use gypsum or Epsom salts; but if you use a fertilizer that doesn't have either Ca or Mg, you need to cover those bases ..... and don't rely on eggshells as your Ca source. They're virtually insoluble at the pH we operate at.

When you decide what you'll be using for fertilizer, we can figure out what you might want to do.


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