First time planting bulbs this fall...

merindahAugust 8, 2010


I'm a newbie gardener in the US and would like to plant bulbs this year. What would you recommend I start with? Tulips, Daffs?

All comments will be appreciated.

Thanks. :)

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What's your soil like? Also, did you happen to observe what others in your town were growing this year?

Do you care if the bulbs only bloom for 1-2 years (e.g. most tulips) or do you want ones which may not bloom the first year but will multiply basically forever (e.g. irises). Do you want ones which are the least expensive (gladiolus) or ones which will bloom earliest in spring (crocus) or ones which smell strongly (hyacinth)...?

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Can you leave the bulbs in the ground? Or do you have to lift them to put in your summer planting?

Do you want them for a 'continuous display' over several weeks/months? Or are you planning a picking garden to grow bunches to give or fill vases for yourself or special places?

Do you prefer tall-growing specimens? Or would you like to include miniatures, or small-growing bulbs such as snowdrops?

How much light does your garden get? And are you planting among trees?

Please let us know. We're bursting to help!

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The front garden gets mostly full sun and the soil is clay but has been amended with some top soil and mulch. We moved into our house late Feb. and my neighbors aren't really gardeners so I don't remember seeing any bulbs- nor have I really seen anyone else have flowers over the summer.

I started a cottage garden out the front this year with perennials and annuals that I had winter sown, so I should have room to leave the bulbs in year round.

I'd like early color and don't plan on cutting the flowers. I'd like the flowers to last as long as possible.

I was considering crocus then early and late single tulips for continued color... not fussy about plant height. The house is a light grey so I'm looking for tons of color.

I plan on covering the bulbs with wire mesh because we have squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies and ground hogs in the yard.

Thanks for your help :)

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I don't really mind if the bulbs are only short lived and I'm not planting near trees.

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