Carpet Gardening??

kaddieJanuary 23, 2011

Hi, I came across a book called, The Carpet Garden, I've only just began to read it but they claim that by using indoor/outdoor carpet as a mulch in the garden dramatically reduces the weeds, pests and the need to water as often.

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this, may have used this method? It sounds too good to be true and well we know how that saying goes!

Wouldn't the carpet it self have chemicals that you wouldn't want around your growing vegetables? I guess that's my biggest concern.

I would really love to hear from anyone that uses or tried this method.


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I have thrown an old piece of carpet or two out where I needed some weed control. In my raspberry's where I don't till, I put some in the path between the rows. It isn't a real pretty way of doing it but it works well. There wasn't any plastic in it, all natural fibers. Eventually it breaks down. I figured that was better than throwing it in the garbage.

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I tried it, did not like it. I like my mulch to break down and return to the soil. Maybe a warmer dryer climate than mine would work?


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Curt ... interesting comment about 'warmer/dryer climate'. Here in my semi-arid climate, I have used carpet scraps [my sons are in construction]in my pathways for years. I used to have a devil grass/bermuda problem in my pathways. After years of carpet/cardboard paving, problem solved.

Now I use carpet scraps as cover on my in-ground worm pits and the worms LOVE those carpets! Helps to retain moisture in the worm 'bed'.

Ooops ... just re-read the OP ... you were asking about the indoor/outdoor carpet material....seems like very "man made" chemical soup type of stuff .... guess I'd pass on that. The carpet I use is indoor material ... often wool...

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Yes, that's what I was thinking, 'the man made material'. Anyway the indoor carpeting is an interesting idea. If the carpeting would help to control even some of the weeds it would be worth it.

Thanks for your replies!

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jekyll(New Zealand)

I've used old woollen (i.e. biodegradable natural fibre) carpet in the garden. It's an excellent mulch. It takes some time to break down and not a lot grows through it easily.

I'd use more if I had more old carpet to use.

It's best as part of a layered mulch, with compost etc under the carpet and something like pea straw over it. You don't really want the look and smell of rotting carpet as a garden feature...

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