moving or dividing lycoris

debstuart1(z4NH)August 25, 2013

I think this is what I have! Suddenly last week stems with lily like pale pink flowers showed up on the edge of one of my borders - three naked stems and a few flowers - very nice but I don't remember planting them! - I think that there were strap-like leaves last spring and I never thought much about them. I would like to move them where they can be seen as they are not in a noticeable spot. Looking over some other posts it seems like I should wait until spring and dig them after the leaves begin to die. Just checking - they are in pretty good garden soil in pretty much full sun. I gather I should put them in a location that is at least as sunny? What are the chances that I can divide them (in other words - will there be immature bulbs forming, like with glads)? I would love to move them now while I am thinking about it, but also don't want to lose them!

thanks for advice


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Until better advice comes along I would say now is ok to move them, the more sun the better, and if the bulbs come apart easily when dug then yes divide them.... it's only when they are still firmly attached that I would leave them together.
Dig them with plenty of soil since the roots for these bulbs don't die back. If you cut into the roots too much or allow them to dry out while transplanting you won't kill them but you might cause them to sulk for a year, and just sit below ground for a season not growing at all.....

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