yellow nerifolia

sradleyeMarch 16, 2014

I picked up this tree two weeks ago. It had some yellowing of leaves when I bought it. I picked most of those off, but it looks like the trend is continuing. The tree also does not seem to be taking up water very quickly, but I did move to a slightly colder location for quarantine purposes. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

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close up

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Lack of nutrients, lower light, cooler temps.
When did you last fertilize?


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Hi Josh, Thanks for reply. I use a maintenance dose of the foliage pro fertilizer right now 1/4 tsp/gal. It would have been watered with that once or twice, showered with straight tap water once and watered a couple times with just plain tap water that has set. When my friend and I left this particular store we spoke at length of how the trees are located right by the door (where the only window seemed to be). I am talking about buffalo new York here in the midst of a brutal winter, could this be cold damage from that?

As for my care. I have stopped the fertilizer, letting top of soil dry out before watering. it is now in my quarantine spot, which is north window with small fluorescent light. This spot is a few degrees cooler than the rooms I keep my plants in regularly. but the problem existed before I took possession of the plant. the yellowing is working from bottom leaves up.

I also sprayed twice with h2o/alcohol/dishsoap concoction. one of the original yellow leaves I removed had a thick dust on the under side that reminded me of spider mites. but I haven't seen any other signs of them and the yellowing seems to me to be different than what I have seen with mites.

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took off some leaves today

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