any ideas for how to keep level, a windowbox on a sloped sill?

Lynn NevinsMarch 28, 2012

I have an exterior cement windowsill that overlooks my balcony. I want to sit a windowbox on the sill, but I want the windowbox to be level so that when I water the plant, it gets watered evenly and drains evenly and so that it simply looks more attractive also (it doesn't look so nice sloping downward). I was thinking of putting a sloped piece of wood underneath, but then of course there's the issue of the wood getting wet. A few rubber doorstoppers might also work placed beneath the box but then...that wouldn't look so attractive.

I cuold also put some rocks but then any time I need to pick up the windowbox I'd probably have to spend some time adjusting the rocks again so that the box securely rests on top of them...

Any ideas?


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I would just glue/nail some short feet on bottom of the front of box, measured to make it level. Or glue the rocks to it so no need to adjust. Rina

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

Use pressure treated wood. Retreat cut edges with something like Copper Green. Cut right triangles to the appropriate angle to create a level platform for the box to sit. At this point either glue and screw to the box, or attach to the window sill. I'd probably attach it to the box myself, to aviod potential water intrusion to the house through the holes in the sill.

As an alternative, instead of buying a window box, just build one that matches the slope.

As a second alternative, make a few small concrete forms. Tack it to the sill and pour permanent pads (to replace the PT right triangles). You will probably want to dowel it into the sill if you go that route.


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The windowsill is on a slant for a reason. You want water to drain from the box away from the window/house as well. If it was me, I'd allow the bottom to slant flush with the slab, and modify the box so it's vertical at the back and horizontal at the top. If you are building the boxes yourself from scratch, this is much easier. As long as the top if flat and horizontal, it should look fine.

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Lynn Nevins

thanks all! I'm not much of a fixit/build it type, so I think I'll go with the option of glueing some feet or rocks to the front end of the planters I bought.


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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

If thats the case, maybe one of these prefabed feet will be more appropriate for you. They will give the box a bit of traction as well. I think that it may work a little better than glueing rocks to the bottom of the planter...HAH!

If your feeling adventurous, and you have a drill, I would suggest the "Tilt and Glide", they are specifically made for slope surfaces.


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If you are lifting it level on the bottom be very careful that it drains far enough down the slab so that the water can't creep up against the house or you could be in for a very expensive repair. Try not to put drainage holes any close to the back then you have to. Good Luck!

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