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mori1(5b/6a)September 11, 2009

Last year I got into my crazy head that I would try to grow some of the bulbs that I've seen on this thread. I normally stick with the hardy ones since I'm in zone 5 and it can get pretty cold. I have grown caladium, calla lilies and cannas for two years with okay success. I wait for the killing frosts, dig them up and store away. However, I'm in a pickle this year. I have St Christopher, Lily of the Nile, Gloriosa, White and Red spider lilies in the ground. I will have to dig them up but if I understand this right, they don't like that. So what's the best thing for me to do. Put them in pots that I can put in the ground and then pull up before winter? If so, what kind of pots? No I can't nor do I want to grow them indoors.

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Maryl zone 7a

I can only speak to Lycoris Radiata as that is the one I'm most familiar with. I really don't see how you can grow them successfully in such a cold climate. Mine are blooming now and as soon as the blooms cease they will send up their foliage to supply nutrients to the bulbs in order to flower next year. Our zone is such that our winters are usually mild enough that the foliage survives to perform its function. If we had alot of snow cover that wouldn't be the case as it would cover the foliage and not allow the leaves to perform their function. And it is true that they do not like to be disturbed and may take years to settle back down. So even if you potted them up and successfully overwintered their foliage, putting them back in the ground may bother them so much that they wouldn't flower. Sometimes you can stretch the zones a bit, for instance I usually overwinter my florist glads. Other times not so much. I grew the yellow Lycoris once, even knowing that it was really on the edge of its hardiness zone (8). It did not succeed. That doesn't mean I shouldn't try again of course because its so close to my zone and the right microclimate might just work. But Lycoris Radiata is usually rated to zone 7 and stretching it to zone 5 is - well - a stretch.

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