pdshop(5)September 8, 2009

I have 5 pots of agapanthus and none of them bloomed this year. Wonderful leaves but no flowers. It is the winter thing that I must be doing wrong? Fertilizer?

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They may not be getting enough sun. Al

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Mine bloomed the best with lots of water and fertilizer.

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I guess it is too late now to start with more fertilizer. I had been giving them some 5-10-5. Still not results. Should I cut the foliage off this winter or leave it on?

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My agapanthus are all in the ground and have never been fertilized. In a container they will need some fertilizer, but at this point I think withholding fertilizer would be more likely to cause a bloom response. In my climate they are evergreen and I never cut them back. They reseed themselves and those seedlings in the full sun are always the best bloomers. We occasionally get a winter in the teens and the foliage is frosted to the ground. It then takes a year to get back as before the frost. Agapanthus are quite capable in competing with root competition and flowering well without fertilizer, as long as they have sunshine. Al

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