Wine Bottle Self Watering for Container Garden

JuanemaMarch 3, 2014

Has anyone tried using wine bottles upside down or soda bottles right side up for watering container gardens?

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Yes, I bury a 2 liter bottle to up the neck, so you have 1" or so of the bottle out of the soil. Once the plants have grown it's nearly invisible. I prefer to put it at a 30 degree angle with the neck closest the edge of the pot and sloping toward the center. I poked holes in the bottom & around the middle section for seeping out A soldering iron melts it easily, but is smelly. I've also used an ice pick and opened it more with a scissor. Also works with a gallon milk jugs.

I wish I would have used 2 of the bottles last year. My largest pots held 2 cucumbers with dianthus & pansies surrounding.

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Wonderful! thank you so much.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Question: How long does it take fot the bottle to become empty ?

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