Spanish Bluebells/Camassia

lvmygrdn1(7)September 20, 2013

What is your experience with these plants? Are they invasive? Deer resistant? I love the look of them in catalogs but wanted to get some real opinions. Thank you, Ree in MD

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Camas is native to my area and a lovely, less common, slowly naturalizing bulb. The Spanish bluebells on the other hand are a weed here in the PNW and considered an invasive species in the UK. But both bulbs may perform differently in different parts of the country.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

I grow Camassia leichtlinii and I'd agree that it is slow to increase. It prefers a damp soil and doesn't mind some shade.

Bluebells spread by seed, runners, offsets. They turn up anywhere, sun or shade and a wide range of soil types.

They dig themselves down into the soil and take on weird shapes. They look glorious when in flower and like an unkempt lawn thereafter. Their leaves produce a sort of mucus/slime when broken and they make a very effective weed suppressant. Nothing much survives the flop of the bluebell leaves.

Nice flowers. Best kept quarantined in pots and deadheaded very promptly. Only naturalise if you have acres of space and plan to stay with your garden for years.

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Oh my! Vetivert8, I'm so glad I posted on GW. Thank you Gardengal48 for your input as well. They sound awful. Pretty is as pretty does. Thank you again. Ree in MD

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