Miracle Grow Garden Soil?

nirenjoshi(7b)September 22, 2010

I bought a few bulbs of crocus, daffodils, anemone, muscari and allium from Walmart. I intend to dig a part of my bermuda grass lawn and plant these bulbs in there.

My question is - can I fill the holes I dig with miracle grow garden soil + some bulb fertilizer and put the bulbs in the holes?

Also, can I plant them under the 2 trees I have? If so, how far away from the trunk of the tree? I can see a few of the tree roots over ground - does it mean I shouldnt be digging near the trees?

Thanks for any advice.. This is the first time I am trying some bulbs. I like tulips, but having read that they wont come back made me think twice and so went with the other spring blooming bulbs.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Are your trees evergreen? Or do they lose their leaves for winter?

What sort of soil is under your bermuda grass? Does it go rock-hard in summer? Or is it easy to dig for most of the time?

Do you plan to make patches of bulbs in the grass (like digging out a divot)? Or are you intending to make a regular bed? Any particular shape? And, how much late winter-early spring sun reaches the area you're planning to plant?

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The trees lose their leaves in Fall/winter. They are standard landscape trees, about 10-15 feet in height, not very large.
One tree has maple shaped leaves which are green in color during the summer. I guess its a maple tree. The other has white flowers early in the spring and then green leaves in the summer. I dont know the name.
Under the bermuda is rock hard clay - very hard to dig.

I am not sure if I should just make holes in the existing grass or make a bed. Leaving the grass around the holes would make it difficult to cut the grass in the spring, I suppose.. so I would think a small area devoted to the bulbs would be the answer. I am thinking of planting the bulbs by the driveway and in front of the front door - kind of like a L-shape. The area gets sun until 1 pm, I think. And then the house shades the area in the afternoon.

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