lilly bulblets -- planting

ljpother(3a)September 11, 2009

How should I plant the little bulblets (the proper name would be handy) that appear on lilly stems? In the past, I have just dropped them on the ground where I would like a lilly.

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Since the bulbils (correct name) naturally just fall from the parent plant and sprout in place, simply dropping them where you want them to sprout is the least complicated way. They right themselves and pull themselves down into the ground to where they want to be without any human intervention.

In the past, I've collected the bulbils from my Lilium Tigrinum and planted them in a pot or little market pack - then buried the whole pot up to the rim in a sunny, out of the way spot. This way they're contained in one place and don't get pulled up or planted over by accident when they sprout in the spring; since they look like shiney, lanceolate blades of grass. I've left them that way for a couple of seasons until they've produced a new bulb that's big enough to handle easily and transplant.

Truth be told, it's a lot easier to just drop them in where you want them and mark/remember the spots where they are. You can scratch the surface of the soil and lightly cover them over.

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Thanks for the reply.

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