They Could Be In Containers...

jodik_gwMarch 19, 2011

Well, ok... even if they could, they look much better pushing up through the debris and mulch of an early spring garden!

Spring has sprung... finally!

The first Crocus... Tommies...

The fat little buds of daffodils...

This is where my containers will be a little later in the season...

And for Josh... a nice granite shot...

And the cool rock that I'm looking to place somewhere... look closely at what's growing on top of it!

One more... Tommies and one tiny Aconite...

Thanks for looking! Feel free to add!

Happy Spring! :-)

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Jodi!
The colors are beautiful! I love anything and everything that is purple!! Spring is such an exciting time! I'm so glad your starting to warm up!
I love the thread topic, too. ;-) I was thinking last night, it would be nice to start a slightly off topic thread for anything and everything. Looks like you beat me to it. ;-) We all have things we'd like to share that aren't growing in containers! And structures and such!

The greenhouse looks great! I wish I had room for one of a decent size!! I have a small 4 shelf for now.

I'll add a little later. Looking forward to seeing this thread grow!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Wonderful, Jodi!

Your greenhouse is great - I like those wooden shelves.
The Tommies have a nice, subtle coloration at this neighbor has a patch, as well.

And thanks for the granite shot... ;-)


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Great shots. You're ahead of us by a week or so, by the look of it. I have all sorts of stuff popping up with bloom heads showing, but only the snowdrops & cyclamen are blooming. Lol - the cyclamen was blooming UNDER THE SNOW!

Can you guys believe that I own a glass company (glazing contractors) and I don't have a greenhouse?!! I'm jealous, Jodi! I'm going to have to build one just to keep up with the Joneses!!!


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Mine is still in the box, greenhouse that is! The Joneses is not going to get ahead of me!

What a beautiful start to my what I hope is a much better day. I am STILL, STILL sick! I can only hope this is it so I can finally get outdoors and start putting around the yard to see what surprises are there for me. Then I am going to finally clean my plant room and take some pics again.

I am so sorry I have not been around lately sharing, but I have been reading these threads and this one was just an awesome one of be a part of.
Such beautiful plants Jodi and that greenhouse is just beautiful even without the plants. lol. If you want to go somewhere warm for a bit if your feeling cold, just hose down the inside, close the door behind you, take a seat, have a coffee and feel the heat from the sun

Those are beautiful flowers and I only wish I had some coming up now. You are ahead of me too. But, but, I think I am ahead of you in the AVACADO department..:-))))

Did you make them benches in there? Just amazing for drainage and storage!

Hi Al, Josh, and Jojo!


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Thanks, you guys! :-)

Now, why am I not surprised we were thinking the same thing, JoJo?! I'm tellin' ya, we were separated at birth! :-)

I began with a simple 4 shelf unit, too... and I waited forever to gain access to a decent sized greenhouse. Don't worry, JoJo... you'll get there, too! :-)

Josh, those rocks are bigger than they look in the pictures... the one with moss on top is about 8" across and over a foot and half long, and it's nice and flat on the bottom. I just need to find the right place to put it! I was thinking maybe out in the rose garden, under one of the arbors.

Al, I didn't realize the hardy cyclamen were THAT hardy! I have to look into getting some! I can see buds fattening on the Forsythia, and I'm also seeing some Tulip leaves starting to grow. Catkins are really multiplying on the pussy willow shrub, and it won't be long before the Lilacs start budding! Even a few roses, like Quadra and the species types, are showing leaf buds!

The greenhouse, as you know, isn't mine... but I do have full use of it. It's a Harbor Freight "special", 10' x 12', erected and carpenter-ed by a local guy... the panels are thin and chintzy, and I have to replace two that came off in the last wind storm... but it should suffice. I'll need fans and other items, but Harbor Freight carries everything I need, I think.

Don't feel bad, Al... plumbers have toilets that require handle jiggling, barbers are usually bald, and dentists have bad teeth! Why would a window and glass guy have a greenhouse?! ;-)

Mike, I already have plans to make the greenhouse my hiding place away from the world. It's enclosed in a small fenced area, and I've got a nice garden bench right outside the doors. The fence is covered in New Dawn roses and Clematis on one side, and another side has Honeysuckle growing on it... so it should be a very nice place to have coffee and read a good book, or just sit and think. :-)

I'm sorry you're still feeling poorly... you need to get to feeling better, so you can break that greenhouse out of its box and get it set up!

I've officially given up on the 4 Avocado pits I have. I'm in the market for an organically grown Avocado, which I think might net better results. At the very least, I'm looking for one from a different grower. It's ok, though... I'm getting a little busy now that warmer weather is starting. I can try to grow one at a later time.

This is my time of year! I love this time! The world is awakening, slowly coming out of its slumber... and signs of new growth are everywhere! The world looks fresh and new, smells fresh and new, and is warming slowly under a bright sun! I just love it!

Well... feel free to add photos or whatever you like... I just wanted to share the first signs of life here... besides Charlie, who came a little early! :-)

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Thanks Jodi for the really good pictures of your greenhouse. Whoever made the shelving unit completely free standing and well braced was thinking ahead. From my own experience with a greenhouse and summer use, the main problem is to avoid overheating. Most commercial applications use a combination of forced ventilation with an evaporative mat and an adjustable shade cloth. Having neither I can not use my greenhouse in the summer except as a potting shed. For a summer greenhouse I use an open ended carport structure covered with clear plastic sited under high canopy trees for dappled shade. Let us know how you manage in the summer with yours. Al

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You're welcome, Calistoga Al! I will definitely keep you guys informed as the season progresses. I think we'll need a nice piece of shade cloth to go along with the fans and such, but other than that, we should be able to use it through the summer. It's the cold months that will shut us down.

The guy who put it all together is a carpenter by trade. We just told him what we had in mind and what we'd be using it for, and he designed the shelves. I would have liked a sturdier foundation with a knee wall, but I got what I got, and it's a lot better than nothing!

A carport is a great idea for a hotter climate... unless you can afford everything that goes along with a greenhouse for that type of weather. You'd need an automatic system of misters, heavy shade cloth, and everything on timers, right?

Well... I'm just thankful I have this to use. I think it'll help me greatly with rooting cuttings and getting plants started, which will be its main use. My houseplants will be guests in it, so to speak!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Looks like spring is on it's way!!

Beautiful the colors too!!

Great looking greenhouse Jodi!!!

Hope everyone has a great day...

Laura in VB

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ykerzner(9 TX)

60% shade cloth gives enough light and still provides a good amount of shade. Some online stores sell cloth that is woven with some sort of plastic so that it lasts for more than two seasons. Shade cloth like what HD sells is 75% and soon develops a bad case of dandruff.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Good morning, everyone!

Jodi, I can't wait to share a few rock pics, too...once the yard dries out ;-)

I have a couple hardy cyclamen in my yard, as well. The hardy cyclamen can handle
temps down to 5F. If buried under snow, they can reportedly handle -22F! O.O
Cyclamen is also the flower of Israel.


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Thanks for the shade cloth info! I think we're ordering directly from a greenhouse supplier, so we should get what we need. The fans and such will come right from the local Harbor Freight.

Thanks, Laura! It's so exciting to finally see some growth out there! Our winters seem so endless! I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with the greenhouse this season... it'll be a season of learning for me... this is the first greenhouse I've ever had the pleasure of using!

If the hardy Cyclamen can tolerate Al's winters, they should be ok here... or at least, one would think so! We do get some nasty cold spells with temperatures to zero and below every once in a while, but we usually get lucky with a decent blanket of snow cover, which insulates nicely. If I were to plant them in a partially protected area, they'd probably survive, no? We're considered zone 5b.

I'm really champing at the bit to get out there and start garden chores... but I don't want to remove valuable debris cover too soon. So, the bulbs will just have to push through whatever is there for the moment. I did a walk through the other day, when I took the pictures, and I noticed a lot of mole damage, some squirrel digging, and what looks like rabbit or deer damage on some things. One rose bush that I put in last fall was all the way out of the ground, and quite dead. It looks as though a shrew or mole pushed it out when they dug a fresh entrance. I hate to say it, but I'm looking at using a good amount of mole poison for the rose gardens... a lot of our plants are too expensive and rare to lose to rodents!

Well... that's about it for today... I've got some indoor plant related chores to do, and I've got packages to prepare for shipment, and choices to make, here... so, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of spring! :-)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Dry shade for the hardy cyclamen, Jodi. They'll dry up & disappear in the summer, then come back in the later fall when it cools off. They'll pop up here & there in the gardens & beds, too.


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Thanks, Al... I've got just the spot. I'll see if I can't get my hands on some Cyclamen this year. They are pretty little flowers, for sure! :-)

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Hey, Good Afternoon! I've got a few photo updates showing the latest happenings here... enjoy!

The tommies are open!

So are the early daffodils!

The larger crocus are up and open, and are they lovely! Pristine white, and a deep purple!

And more...

Look at the delicate veining on this crocus... pretty!

Tiny Dutch iris in light blue and yellow...

Our giant pile of aged, composted manure! Imagine what I could grow with this much!

And finally... an update on little Charlie... he's getting big!

Hope you enjoyed today's fare... check in every once in a while... I'll try to keep some updates coming. There should be tulips and larger daffodils to photograph soon... and I see the large leaves of giant allium growing. It's been unusually warm the past couple of days, and things are budding and growing like crazy!

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I can't tell you how much I enjoy this thread and how much joy it brings me to be a part of your fare, yard, beautiful surroundings and teh going ons there.
I almost feel like I am embarking on your journey close, yet far with many good friends here.

This what you are doing, brings everything close to us and that is such a thoughtful thing to do, and fun.

I love that little Charlie. He almost seesm to be enjoying the weather and his area than I am at this point.

Those flowers are just so beautiful! Boy nature has a way of pleasing ones eyes and putting a smile upon us. Look at all that compost! Are you going to use all that in your conatiners? lololol..Not!

The detail in those flowers is just so amazing Jodi.

I can't wait to see the roses this year. I also hope you get rid of those stupid critters! I hate them. Last year, they dug up my most huge sweet frgarnt lily bulbs. I was so mad.

That area you live at looks so peacful too. I could only wish to be surround by so much land and see so much come to life in spring. Can you hear a bumble bee a mile away? I did when I was staying with friends in Maine in the middle of no where. The closest house was 10 miles away!

Thanks again. Please keep us updated and continue to show us more. It makes my day to see this!


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Really enjoyed the pics, Jodi! Thanks for lifting us!


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My pleasure, guys!

It's wonderful to be surrounded by open space and nature, Mike! And though I can see a neighbor house or two, once the trees leaf out the neighbors are practically invisible!

It's very quiet here... except for all the birds singing, the dogs barking and playing, the peafowl squawking, the peacocks and turkeys and ducks talking in their unique languages... and the general hum and buzz of life. I can hear the goats bleating every once in a while, and the horses making their unique sounds.

I can hear the sounds of the barn cats fighting over females and the right to breed, the squirrels barking at each other in the woods across the road... crows calling to each other... and if I'm lucky, I get to hear the pair of giant owls call to each other at night!

Yesterday, I was able to open all three garage doors and let in some warm air and sunshine for all the stored, potted dormant roses and trees and perennials. I got the gravel raked out of the grass along the road, thrown by a negligent snow plow driver... I got some debris cleaned up... and walked the gardens looking for more signs of growth.

The leaves of red Darwin tulips are beginning to grow and unfurl... I put those in last fall, and I can't wait to see them! I can see fresh new leaves of wild columbine and daylilies growing, and some iris, too! Oh, and I can see the tips of hyacinth leaves pushing up through the mulch, too!

The world is slowly coming back to life, and I am privileged to be a part of it! I'm also very fortunate to live so far out in the country, where I'm surrounded by nature and the accompaniments of farming! It's so nice... so peaceful!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Lovely photos - I wish my camera work were that sharp. Looks like you are about 4 weeks behind us over here. One little thing - I think your tiny 'Dutch' iris is actually Iris reticulata 'Katharine Hodgkin'.

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Thank you, flora... it very well could be. The year I planted those, I also put in about 1000 other bulbs, so I'm probably naming them incorrectly from poor memory. They came in a little package from the local home improvement store, and were in a sale bin, I do believe. They're pretty, though... short lived, but pretty.

Thank you for the correction, flora! My mistake! :-)

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

HI Everyone!

Jodi~ I love the photos! And isn't Charlie getting to be a cutie!! And Ham! Look at him pose for the picture! He is precious! I think you may be in a little trouble with my Mike, because now I want a goat! ;-) lol!

As far as my greenhouse, I really have no place to put a bigger one. :-( Very small lot. I do have a structure/trellis type thing we are going to look into covering this fall.

Here's a little something for you Jodi~ I heard you love these guys as much as me. ;-) Boy, our alike list just keeps growing!!

A something to hopefully brighten someones day..


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My oh my!!! Jojo, what a beautiful sunflower? The color of that is lighting up my dimly lit room! It just jumps at you. That is one of moms favorite flowers next to roses!

I knew you would get such nice pics on your camera again. I couldn't wait and the wait was worth it. Speaking of Mike, this Mike here also wants a goat real bad

Jodik: I have a question? What do I have to do to get hyacinths to get big compacted full stock of flowers? Every time I plant them, I get a flower or two the following year and that is it. I gave up on them.

I have to say that you are so fortunate to live in an area like that.
I wish I could spend a few days there with you all just to enjoy nature that way, at its best.
What do I hear right now?
I hear the sounds of children playing in the air. The sounds of car doors slamming and cars starting. The beeping of horns from across town. The sound of jets overhead and the groaning of very agry cats fighting over mates in my back yard. I also here the refrigerator working and the wind blowing my trash barrels over along with the sounds of chimes.
Hmmmm. Yes, I also hear the clanking of my broken gutter and a few sparrows having an argument in the trees.

I think I much prefer to sit in your yard and hear what you do.. I use to hear frogs singing at night on the first warm spring night from a distance in the swamp lands, but they are gone now due to development! Don't even get me started on that

I will be back to check in and see what else you have to share:-)


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Thanks, JoJo... and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

Yes, Charlie is a cutie... but keep in mind that he won't be little and cute for too much longer... goats grow up rather quickly, and often become stubborn nibblers of everything, including things you want to keep! If you're raising them for a purpose, like dairy or meat, then it's feasible... but they don't make great pets, like dogs or birds! They become large eating and pooping machines, and grain prices are through the roof at present!

I'm not sure, Mike... perhaps it's the variety you choose? Or maybe it's where you place them? I don't really know.

I do notice that a lot of today's modern hybrid bulbs don't always perform or multiply like the heirloom varieties. You might want to look into getting some heirloom Hyacinth varieties.

In all industries, it seems, quality is not the top consideration in production.

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