valeriepa(z5-6 NEPA)March 3, 2013

Has anyone had sucess growing naturtium in containers? Any tips would be appreciated. I'd like to try tip top mahogany.

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Never tried growing it in container, but it should work. It will 'sprawl', so make sure there is enough room for it; maybe it would work as a climber too. I grow them in ground & they cover lot of area. I think pots will look very nice & full.
Supposedly seedlings don't transplant well (I had in the past);should not be overwatered or over fertilized (will just grow lots of leaves & not enough flowers).
If you soak seeds in water before planting they will sprout very fast.
You know they are edible? (leaves, flowers & seed pods).

I got some seeds for the mahogony to grow in spring, looks like very nice color.

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Thanks for those tips. I was all set to plant some in a sub irrigation planter (swc) but now I'm thinking that might be too much water for them. I'm going to put them in a window box...thinking they'll trail over the side and hedge below.

So, just to be self watering containers? I live in Las Vegas. Thanks in advance for confirming.

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I plant them close to the edge of my containers and let them trail over the side. I put them in with vegetables to deter pests. But I think they add a great deal to the look of the pot, anyway. Of course, mid-season they will fade. Or at least, mine do. But I've found them to grow well in pots.

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I've grown them in containers before, and when I was in the UK I saw them everywhere in containers. They work well as long as they have the right conditions.

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