Bulb Planting Depth

bobby1973September 29, 2011

Hi - Do you account for the thickness of mulch when digging holes for bulbs? For example if a 6" hole is recommended, and I topdress with a 1" layer of mulch, do I dig a hole 5" deep? I know this probably sounds trivial. I'm just worried that if I dig a hole 6" deep and then topdress with 1-2" of mulch, that the bulbs might have difficulty popping through in the spring. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

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When a bulb is listed at a certain planting depth, it can probably be varied by 40% or more one way or another without killing it.

In a drier location, I intentionally plant bulbs 1/4 deeper than listed because the soil stays moist down deep, so they perform better. I also plant bulbs deeper if they are marginally hardy in my climate to protect them from the cold.

I would not worry about the mulch. I have seen little tiny crocus bulbs push through not only mulch but dense perennial ground covers that were 3-4 inches thick, and leaf out and bloom above that with no problem.

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Thanks for the info!

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