Planting bulbs in stone "mulch"

mirahsSeptember 21, 2013

We have put in a new garden and are using small round stone as the primary mulch. If we have 4" of stone, should I count that towards the depth when planting crocus, tulip and daffodil bulbs in the area?

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I would count it. For the bulbs you mention there's lots of flexibility in planting depths and since the stone will not decay like other mulches it will always stay there to cover your plantings. The crocus could even be placed on the ground and then covered with the mulch (no digging! Bu since stone is a pain to move, your still doing plenty of work)
I just planted snowdrops last weekend by dumping a layer of soil, raked it out, placed the bulbs, and then covered with a layer of compost. Same idea but my situation will need topping off over the years as the compost decays away... stone will not.

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Thank you so much! I planted most of the bulbs I got, but some are back ordered so I got creative and used plastic bottles (water, iced tea, etc.) from our recycle bin to hold the places for the bulbs I'm waiting for. I prepared the area to the proper depth, placed the bulbs I had where I wanted them and put a bottle in where I want the others to go and put the dirt and mulch back over the area. When I get the other bulbs [in theory] I can move the mulch back a bit, pull out the bottle, drop the bulb in and cover back up with dirt and mulch!

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