Thanks for helping.

TheMasterGardener1(5B)March 13, 2012

I just want to thank Al for showing me the 5-1-1 mix. I have learned a good deal from reading all of Tapla's posts, it has made me a better gardener. Just want to say thanks.

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Alshain(8a-8b east-TX)

Same here. The help I've gotten from Al and GardenWeb is completely invaluable and I am having loads of fun. Thanks!

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Well, same time last year I would have just got a bale of peatmoss, but now instead some bags of pine mulch!!! Thanks again Al!!!!!

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Yes Al/Tapla. I may be an old timer here using this mix for quite a while, but my plants are alive and kicking far more better than I can!


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I have a number of mango and citrus trees that are in dire need of the gritty mix and the 5:1:1 . I cant wait to see an improvement in my trees from all the valuable information that I have gain on this site. Thank you all.

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