Get Gritty Mix ingredients in NYC.

Imran.Khalid(7A)March 1, 2012

Mr. John from is selling all TAPLA Gritty mix ingredients. He is coming to deliver in NYC in first week of April. He has very good pine bark fines, Gran-I-Grit and Turface. He is very helpful. Shipping cost can be low for New Yorkers if we can order it before first week of April.

His details are:

John F.

Phone: 617-383-7374




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Thanks for posting this, Imran. It looks like he's got the right stuff, and his price looks decent too.

For myself, I am located in central NJ, about 1 h from NYC. I just e-mailed him about delivery to NJ. Was told that he'd only come my way if 4-5 other orders are placed from NJ. anyone else in NJ interested?


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Yes Alex, I also think the stuff is good. He told me that shipping will be much less if there are more people from New York or New Jersey.

Well, from New York, I am in...

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OMG, I just saw his website:

He has a flat rate shipping of $30.00 for orders less than 60Lbs, $50.00 for all other orders. But he needs at least 25 orders from NY/NJ area.
I though, I should update people who are interested in gritty mix.
Hope John will get 25 orders soon!!


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Is this happening this yr too?

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He doesn't answer calls nor returns them. Sorry

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Website is down too.

Gowanus nursery has Bark Fines usually. There is also the Urban Garden Center at 116th St. Not sure on quality of either place since I got mine from an Agway reseller. I'll be checking both out in the next couple of weeks to see if there quality is good.

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Thanks please make sure to post if you find the bark. I ended up getting some on a work trip to Maryland but always good to have another source. I found growers grit somewhere in Long Island that offered to deliver to queens. . I ordered from john last year. I don't know the gritty was actually screened but he was easy to deal with. He ran out of some of my ordered items and quickly refunded me.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

If anyone is interested, Amazon has a seller selling Turface for a high-but-less-than-I-have-paid-including-shipping price. For my car-less state, it's a bargain. It might work for others.

Here is a link that might be useful: Turface at Amazon

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That is pretty funny if you look at the frequently bought together it lists the granite grit although a small bag

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I also ordered from John last year.

He ran out of some of the items I ordered, however, he did not quickly refund me. He told me he would come back the following weekend with the balance of my order (some 15 bags of pine bark, and various bags turface and grit if I remember properly) and then promptly vanished from the face of the earth. No reply to my phone messages, e-mails, etc. Eventually I had to fight the charges through my credit card.

It is no surprise to me that his website went down.

This year I got my pine bark from Agway and it is pretty good, though I find myself spending a bit more time than I'd like picking out sapwood.


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The Lowes in Gowanus sells pine bark fines. I got one bag to test. The fines were totally composted; it was more like a bag of soil; not suitable for the 511. Hope that saves someone a trip.

Still waiting to check on the Gowanus nursery and Harlem's Urban Garden Center.


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I just realized I am a couple of bags short. Let me know if you find them.

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