Bulbs In Pots Over Winter

penny75September 6, 2010

I'm pretty new to the bulb game so please excuse my terminology if its pretty generic. I inherited an existing iris bed that I know was well cared for by the previous owners of our home. We have been here for 3 years this year it was obvious that it needed to be thinned out. I read up on it and split some Bearded Iris after the blooms had finished, transplanted a few in my landscaping gave some away to friends ect ect. Now I'm the recipient of someone elses thinned bulbs with no place to put them!!! Can I put them in pots over the winter? If so where to keep them? Garage (if yes do I water them and how much)? Our temps can get below zero, but the avg temp is probably in the 30's. Snow- last couple years plenty of it but avg is 30-50 inches per year. The bulbs that I have received are: Star Gazer Lilies, Asiatic Yellow Lilies, Dutch Iris. Any info would be great! Happy to find this site to get some advice.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Penny :)

You are able to keep this bulbs in pots but a garage would be best! You don't actually want the bulbs to freeze because this will cause the cells to rupture which is why bulbs get mushy after such things have happened :) If you keep them in pots just make sure that they're in a protected place from freezing weather because the soil in a pot will freeze.

I'm sure you know this but you can plant them in the yard as well, you're zone 5 I think? These will all be able to withstand the temps but I'm assuming you just don't have the room, but if you do just make sure you plant them deep! :)

MOST IMPORTANT, have fun and enjoy the blooms!

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I've had both oriental (including Stargazer) and asiatic lilies in pots for years. The advantages are: less chance of their getting eaten, the ability to move them to a prominent position when in bloom, and the ability to give them a staggered start in the spring so they don't all come into bloom at once.

The pots should be outside in full sun from mid-spring to mid-fall, and in a place which is cold but not freezing in the winter. Aim for a winter temperature between 32 and 40 degrees F. Keep evenly moist but not soggy during the growing season and almost but not quite dry in the winter. Also, they will need fertilizing during the growing season, either a slow-release fertilizer a couple of times, or a water-soluble fertilizer once or twice a month.


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