What is tuberose supposed to look like?

socksSeptember 24, 2009

I got a tuberose bulb at the county fair in July and planted it in a ceramic pot. It's growing nicely in full sun. However, the foliage is not very upright but a little floppy. Understand that we have had exceptional heat, going to 100-degrees for several days now. Is the growth supposed to be floppy or upright? I moved it into the shade for today.

I wonder if I should put it back in the sun and put some sort of shade on the side of the pot.

I'm wondering too if it will bloom this summer (which seems not to be ending) or was it planted too late?


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The foliage is supposed to be floppy. The flower stem will poke right up from among the floppy grass like foliage. Keep it well watered and in a warm place. This likes to grow along stream beds in Mexico. The biggest complaint is they don't always bloom. A bloom stem will get up to 24 to 30 inches and have up to about ten flowers opening from the bottom of the bloom with intoxicating fragrance. I have a large patch in my garden with lots of blooms this year mainly because they are getting more water and less competition. The bulbs multiply prodigiously and will soon fill your pot. Al

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OK! Thank you for replying. Believe me, there is no problem keeping it in a warm place.

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