Bulb cages to prevent my bulbs from being dinner!!

jodie74(6)September 14, 2010

I was thinking about buying some plastic baskets at the Dollar store & poking holes in the bottom/sides for drainage. Then fill with dirt & plant my bulbs in them (tulips & crocus) and make a lid out of wire & then BURY THE WHOLE THING in the ground.

Has anyone tried this? I thought it might be cheaper then using all wire & easier than trying to make wire baskets.

I wondered if pests could chew through a sturdy plastic basket & the Dollar store has oodles of shapes & sizes!

Think it will work??? I have 100 plus tulips & 150 or so crocus bulbs to plant!!!


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I am in a similar situation - 255 tulip bulbs.

From online research and personal advice seeking, these will be my strategies:

(1) Plant as late as possible. Mid-late October is average here in Ottawa, Canada. Early November is even safer. We have to wait until the squirrels' gathering season is over. Let them go after your neighbors' bulbs first. :)

(2) Lay chicken wire on top of the entire bed. A 1" hex x 24" x 25' (50 square feet) steel chicken wire costs $9 in Rona. You can cover 100-200 bulbs with one roll. The flower will have no problem growing through the 1" hex.

(3) Bury at least 6" deep. Cover the bed with mulch so the squirrels can't smell the bulbs or see the disturbed soil.

(4) Delay the bird feeder to winter (and hang it far, far away from your tulip bed).

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I have moles/voles also so that strategy would work for squirrels but not for them. I should have explained that better! :)

Thinking perhaps I could also use recycled ice cream pails. Might only get 6-8 bulbs in each but why not use what I have.

Anyone ever try this? Did it work? I am open to any other ideas?

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After doing more research, I am thinking my bulbs might ROT in a pot buried in the ground. It might be best if I make wire cages for 1/2 of my bulbs & plant them in the ground. And I'll put some in the fridge & put them in pots come Jan. I'll keep the pots in my unheated garage & once they start growing, set them outdoors.

Do you think this is a better strategy?

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The White Flower Farm has an item in its fall 2010 catalog called "la cage aux fleurs," which is made of wire mesh that pests can't break through and eat bulbs. I haven't tried it but am considering ordering one.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

They will rot in plastic. And the rotten varmints can chew through it, anyway. Best to line a bed both under and over with chicken wire.

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xanadu(8/9 N.CA)

Plastic mesh baskets from the Dollar Store work great for bulbs as long as they have regular holes in the sides too small for voles to get through. I poked my own holes in the bottom to allow for additional drainage. I found plastic coated wire mesh baskets at the Dollar Store several years in a row and these work even better. If they are too tall cut in half and you have two mesh parts to protect bulbs. I lost all of my lilies to voles until I started putting the bulbs in protective containers.

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