productivity of clemson spineless vs clemson 80

2bgreenJanuary 26, 2013

I should have kept better records but it seems that I recall planting clemson 80 and got unexpected poor production. I know what websites say about it but I would love to hear from anyone who has some actual experience with these 2 cultivars. Thanks

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Clemson spineless did well for me and always has. Don't know about clemson 80

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alfy(z 6Pa.)

I have never planted Clemson 80. I find that Clemson Spineless is very productive here in Central PA. Matter of fact won't plant it this year as we have plenty from last year.

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"80" is an "improved" version with pods that can get longer without getting hard/woody and a (slightly, imo) more vigorous selection compared to the traditional CS.

The main advantage, imo, is you can let it go to 4-5" without it becoming tough, whereas you the traditional CS is better harvested at 3-4"...though I'd still harvest at 3-4" for either type unless you like wide pods. I find the wider the pod, no matter the tenderness, the easier it loses it's seeds when you cook them...I prefer the sweet seeds hold onto the pods rather than cooking out.

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Apparently, it matters how close you plant them. I've read that if you have plants in a row 6 or 8 inches apart, each plant will grow straight up and only produce pods on the main trunk. But if you thin, or just plant to 3 or 4 feet between plants, each plant will branch out and produce more per plant than they would if in a row because each limb will produce as many as the main trunk.

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Thanks all for your responses. You're right about the spacing. I plant 18" apart and always end up with okra "trees" with thick trunks and sometimes I can't get the roots up even with shovels and spade forks. They produce lots of branches. I think I will go with the Clemson 80 and keep better records.

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