Bulb Storage Help Needed

evil_garden_gnome(6b)September 23, 2009

Ran a few searches on storing bulbs, but couldn't find the exact info. I was looking for

I have a few~

Peruvian Daffodil / White Spider Lily / Hymenocallis Narcissiflora

That I got in a trade awhile back, they did great, but it looks like they're done doing their thing for now

I've been growing them potted in my greenhouse & was going to take them out & store the bulbs over the winter / Make some much need room in my GH

Anyways, I dumped out one of the pots & I have a giant mass of roots & a bulb about the size of a giant onion with a few smaller strouts

Do I just cut all the roots & everything off the bulb(s)???

Should I hose all the dirt off them & let them dry out a bit before doing so???

This is my first time dealing with bulbs

So any advice on how to do it the Right Way would be greatly appreciated



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If you have a spot with good drainage, Just plant it there, and that will be all the "storage" it needs in your climate. Just remember: the more rain you get over the winter, the faster the drainage needs to be! Good luck! : )

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