bulbs that will bloom same time as digitalis

phlowerpower(5)September 28, 2010


Any suggestions for bulbs to plant now that will bloom same time as some digitalis purpurea?

I have 4 patches of foxglove babies I started this summer, around 100 plants in total. They are mostly on the edge of a small wooded patch. I have searched for companion bulbs, but I'm just not finding what I am looking for. Maybe I am having keyword blockage! I see pictures of foxglove, peonies and allium all blooming at same time, but not sure of zone. Plus, I was hoping for something to the sides of the foxglove, which would put it in partial shade. Actually, i do not even know when the foxglove will bloom here...I did not see any this spring locally. I sure hope mine survive. I kind of think the spring winds here might do them in, but hope springs eternal. :D

I am in zone 5--Iowa.

If anyone knows of a good website showing bulb bloom times (or relative bloom times) and companion perennials, I'd love to know bout it. :)

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Is it different 'up north'? Common Digitalis tends to flower in late spring and early summer in my zone. Sort of in the same time frame as bearded Iris.

Being 'romantic' I'd probably think japanese maples, hostas, and foxgloves.

Perhaps Zantedeschia - particularly the coloured ones, but they may lack overwintering hardiness.

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