TopHat blueberry

dontommyg(6b)March 16, 2012

It has been about 50 degrees plus up here in MA. Tomorrow I will be putting my tophat blueberry plant outside for the season. If anyone out there has some blueberries it is warm enough to put them outside. Tophat is pretty hardy zone 3-8.

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The Tophat Blueberry plant is plenty hardy enough to be left outside all year.There is a danger if it is kept inside a somewhat warm garage or other protected place above 45F.Blueberry plants need a certain amount of hours between 32F-45F.The only reason I can think of why to bring them inside is if the containers are really small.In that case the whole pot can be buried in the ground.Also a premature warming inside could start growth too soon. Brady

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skycopp(Maryland -7a)

I have two of them that I bought last year and they have been outside the whole winter. They seemed to have survived it well and appear to be waking up. Can't wait for some of those blueberries.

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