Any experience with Boskke upside down planters?

PlantPropagandaMarch 2, 2013

Since these are technically "containers," I figured they could go here. These upside down planters from Boskke have gotten a lot of press, but is it just me or do they seem destined to fail? I can't find any outsider or objective reviews. All the pictures are clearly of newly installed pieces. They've done a good job of making sure the plant is secure, soil stays put and supplying adequate water, but what about the natural form and tropisms? Would something vining like pothos work better? They're on sale from and I am considering getting a set to try out, maybe with a dracaena, but am wondering if the plant will just grow towards the light, either upwards or sideways, and become an unattractive "U" shape.

Any input is appreciated!

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plants for sure will grow towards the light which is up..well is gonna miss up the main design of the plants?maybe..but is that a bad thing or rather quite interesting?
if i were you,i try to make one.maybe small one out any container i have on hand drill a hole in the bottom and put the plant upside said you have pathos?get a cutting a stick it in your make shift container.there is lots of DIY vids on youtube explaining how to do so..look up topsy have sparked an idea for me..oh well more project for me.

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