it's my Cyclamen normal?

laopiSeptember 10, 2010


I bought a Cyclamen from homedepot some weeks ago, it's fading now, most of leaves become yellow, is it normal?

I lived in Ontario, Canada.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

It might be normal...

Do you water it a lot? They're not into lots of water and they really don't like being left with 'wet feet'. Damp and free-draining is good.

Has it been in a very warm place? Very sunny windowsill. Hot porch. It will have got the message that summer's coming and it's time to go dormant.

It might need to 'reset' its growing system because they are often getting ready to come into leaf now.
Stop watering. Put it in a cool and dry place in good light. About 9C temp. Make sure you'll remember where it is.

Let it rest until about the end of September, then repot in fresh compost and leave the top of the corm uncovered. Water once and not again until it puts out new leaves.

When it has new leaves you can feed it each week.

Some say it should not be watered from the top to avoid rot and mildew. More important than that is to ensure the plant is not bunched up in its pot - and air can easily move through the leaves. (Not draughts. Just fresh air.) Allow about 2cm clear all round.

Use a half-pot if you have one available. There's less mix to stay soggy. The roots are more likely to fill the mix and use the water/food you're giving it. Keep an eye open for any little cormlets while you repot. It does happen.

Keep it in a cool (9-12C) and well-lit place once it gets growing again.

However. Ignore all that if, when you gently press the corm, your finger goes through into mush. That's the end.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

vetivert8 - I hope laopi appreciates that s/he has just received about the most sensible, lucid account of how to look after a cyclamen that I have ever read. You answers are always beautifully written and informative. Thanks.

(I'm off to the rugby now, 1st home match of the season. Autumn is on its way.)

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thanks, I'll give it a try.

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