oriental lilies in pot

mamtaSeptember 29, 2009

Hello everyone, I got oriental lily bulbs from costco in spring this year and planted them in pots. They bloomed nicely in june and now have died back. As suggested in some blogs, I kept watering the green stalks after the blooming season was over, so that the plants can store energy in their bulbs for the next season. As the stalks yellowed and died I removed them. My question is where should I store the bulbs now? Should I leave them in pots? When should I again start watering the pots in that case? Do the bulbs need some moisture to survive or they will be fine if left in dry soil in pots? Thanks in advance.

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I just leave them in the pots outside over winter and they grow and bloom next year even better. I am in zone 8B and they winter over with no problem. If I want more I will dig them up and divide so that each division has a part of the base and they will grow and bloom the next year. Al

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Maryl zone 7a

Unlike many "bulbs", Lilies don't go completely dormant, so digging them up and storing them in a bag out of the soil should not be done. I've had Asiatic lilies in pots and they did fine for about 3 years provided I watched the watering when they weren't actively growing. Too much water in the winter leads to mush in the spring. What I would do is about mid September, just as it's cooling down a bit, unpot them, change out the potting soil and then replant them in the pot. This is the normal time in my area for planting them in the ground as it's still enough time for a root system to develop before winter sets in. In doubt about the timing you could always wait until early spring to repot them.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Minimum size container for oriental lilies seems to be 2 gallons and they appreciate a change of mix after two years (assuming you've top dressed them with compost and/or something like dry sheep manure pellets between changes.) They do like being fed.

If you have a lot of rain over the winter check early that your pots are free-draining and put them on pot feet. 'Damp - not drowned' for lilies.

Keep an eye out in early spring for the first slugs and snails. Fresh lily tips are nearly as yum! as Hostas...

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Thanks everyone! I guess, I will leave them in pot and re-pot them in spring.

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