Need help to root prune evergreen

mimsyborogrove(5)March 9, 2011

Last summer I purchased an extremely root bound dwarf Alberta Spruce in a 5gallon container. Following Al's instructions (Al, as always you are the best!) I sawed about 2 inches off the bottom and 1" off the sides of the rootball, potted up in Gritty Mix and hoped for the best. The tree has been in stasis for 9 months: no growth but no browning either. I think now's the time for a root prune. Any special instructions for root pruning evergreens as opposed to deciduous trees? I have the deciduous how-to post already, no need to write it all out again if the procedure is the same. Thanks! Barbara

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Hey Barb! Thanks for being so kind! It's pretty much the same - remove the old soil in early April & repot into the gritty mix. Prune out the largest roots & those growing straight down from the underside of the trunk. Protect from wind for 2 weeks. Your tree is probably stalled because of the tight roots, and the AS's aren't known as fast growers anyway. Were you fertilizing regularly?


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Thanks Al, that sounds doable. I did fertilize summer and fall twice a week with highly diluted (1/3 as strong as manufacturer recommends)liquid miracle gro. Slow to nonexistant growth is actually ok with this tree as it's a topiary and is currently just the right size for its spot. I do want to make sure it stays healthy though, so I'll be sharpening up my pruning shears and waiting for April!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)


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