Found Bulbs- Will they grow?

valtorrez(6b)September 13, 2009

While doing some yard work today on a home I purchased 1 year ago. I dug up approx 30 iris bulbs (I believe they are Iris bulbs because the section I got them from have a bunch of sword like foliage that I believe are Iris plants). Some of the bulbs already had some roots come out of them. The area that I was working in has some stong, erect folliage but I do not remember it flowering possibly due to not getting enough sun or I saw the rhizomes out of the dirt. I don't know when these were planted but I placed garden soil/compost over the already erect iris and took the bulbs, I found, and placed them in a roll behind my tiger daylilies that do not bloom until July to see if these bulbs will come about. The bulbs were not mushy or soft. I placed them in the rows about 4 inches apart with compost and gadern soil. What is the chances that they will root? Also, in the area that I stated I saw other iris, i saw folliage that was pushing through the dirt in that area. This folliage was not there several weeks ago. What could be going on?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

They certainly ought to grow for you. Bearded irises need to be divided every few years to do their very best. You want to look for young, firm, unblemished rhizomes and discard the old, withered, chewed on, etc.

The one odd thing about these is they don't like to have the tops of their rhizomes buried underneath the soil. I dig a hole, make a mound of good, amended, fertile soil in the hole and nearly to the top of it. Then set the rhizome right on top with the roots draping over and around the mound. Backfill around the mound, cover the roots, but leave the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the rhizome exposed to the air. They may or may not bloom well next year, but should put on a great show the following one. They like regular water (though not soggy) and fertilizer in the spring. Good luck!

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I dont have a rhizome. I just have round bulbs. I'm scared because I found the bulbs in the same area I have Iris but a friend stated how do I know I did not find onion bulbs. Is there a way I can tell?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Hmmmn. Since you have planted the bulbs, just watch them carefully. Chances are they will come up. Blooms? Maybe, maybe not. Alot of bulbs don't bloom the first year after they are dug and transplanted.

If they are onions, the foliage will smell oniony when it is bruised. Keep in mind that there are ornamental onions (alliums). I assume they would smell oniony too, but I don't grow them so don't know for sure. Without a better description of the bulb, plant, and/or flower, I think that's the best I can do for you.

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