Succulents in an old vase...possible?

ihatepavelbure(8)March 18, 2012

Hi there,

I've got a ton of old florist vases from flowers that were delivered, etc. I would like to put a few succulents in one of these and was thinking I could do pebbles, a screen/sphagnum moss, then a potting medium into the vase making it into a kind of small open-top terrarium.

Kind of as pictured in the link below.

What do you think, is this possible?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I've had plantings in pots w/o holes for as long as 5 years. I was very careful not to over-water, I used distilled, rain, or dehumidifier water, and used fish emulsion as fertilizer. You can do it, but there isn't much margin for error.


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