building tomato plant stand (with containers)

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)March 28, 2014

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I also posted this in vertical gardening, but I am posting it in this forum as well, because I wasn't sure which forum would be better to post it in.

I have a limited amount of space to garden with, a 20' x 20' plot. I'd like to build a tomato stand where pots hang from it; I'd like for it to take up less space than growing them in the ground, otherwise it defeats the purpose of making it.

I'd like for it to be sturdy, simple to construct, and not be extremely time consuming with making.

I don't want topsy turvey tomato planters (where the plants are in upside down in hanging containers).

Below are some links for ideas I found:

It looks like it would take a fair amount of time to make, and I'd prefer something with a smaller blueprint, but similar in design.

Here is another idea:

It's simpler but I don't want upside down tomato plants; it would need more headroom, since the plants would be right-side up.

If anybody has blueprints or a guide of how to make the plant stand, please be specific with instructions and the material list.

I'd prefer for it to have multiple pots/containers. I'd be using 5 gallon containers, but would these be big enough for slicer/paste tomato plants; the varieties I'm using are determinate. It would be one tomato plant per 5 gallon container.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

That is fine, but remember when you hang tomato plants, say from a 7' high structure, they will HAVE TO cascade. and some may reach down all the way to ground. UNLESS you are planting DWARFs. We are talking about hanging basket style not upside down which is a waste of time and efforts IMO.

Another issue is the weight consideration. Probably a 5 gall. container is the only practical option. Even that, after the plant is fully grown, can weight quite a bit. Now if you want to hang several of them from the same structure, the poles and top has to be constructed from 4 by 4 lumber.

In conclusion, it CAN BE DONE. But requires careful planning and lots of work plus materials.

BTW: I will plant a few DETs inpots but I will keep them on the ground.

Good Luch !

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