Question about 5-1-1 and blueberries

brownmolaMarch 10, 2014

Hello, I thought I was going to pot a citrus in a 5-1-1 mix and it turns out that the mandarin I wanted to put into that mix is now sold out. However, the local nursery is selling really nice looking blueberries (I already have 3 but could use more : ) that I can put into the mix.

However, the problem is, I already added Dolomitic Lime to the mix which I know is not good for the blueberry ph level. Is there a quick workaround? Or should I make a brand new batch of the 5-1-1 without the lime?

On a separate note, I've measured the amount of vinegar needed per gallon of water to keep the ph level down for my potted blueberries. Does anyone use a hose end sprayer for this instead? I put my measured vinegar in the hose end sprayer and water my potted blueberries and it was much faster than using a watering can.


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shazaam(NC 7B)

I'd make a new batch and save the limed mix for something else.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Yes, make a new mix, good idea with hose end sprayer! I use sulfuric acid, best mix beforehand, I can't afford no mistakes. I actually don't use it that much as I collect rainwater.

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