Foxtail lily bulb eremerus

camelliaOctober 8, 2009

Which way is up - the smooth crown or the side where the centre has multiple hairs?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Camellia,

I'm not sure, and if you don't get a reply or find out here, you might try asking over on the Lily Forum. I read on line that it is a bulb, but also read where it is fleshy roots and grows from the crown. Would one assume it would grow up from the crown? I'd 'think so.

What zone are you in? Are they for sure hardy in your area? I see in 5/6 they need additional mulch as they are only hardy really to zone 7 (I read on line).

You can udate your Profile so it will show your zone and location whenever you post, by going to the Member Pages in the green banner at the bottom of any page.
You can put your location in the one box for garden zone...See I am zone 5/6 S IN


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In the broad use of the term "bulb" it qualifies. To me it resembles a starfish in shape. It took me years to recognize how far the roots extended with seasonal growth, all in the horizontal plane about four inches under the soil. Although I admire the look in photos, in real life it has been a disappointment in my garden. Al

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I agree - they are only considered a 'bulb' in the broadest sense of the word and about as close to a true lily as are daylilies......i.e., NOT :-) The Lily forum is unlikely to provide you much additional info as that is for true lilies, the genus Lilium.

The fleshy root crowns are very brittle and should be treated gently. Plant 4-6 inches deep (crown side up) in wide planting holes in very well drained soil in full sun. A sandy loam is ideal. They are easily hardy to zone 5 but should well mulched over winter. Once established, they can last for years. Avoid cultivation in the immediate area and no transplanting....they really don't like it!

Very dramatic plant when well grown. I grew 'Cleopatra' in my old garden - a wonderful peachy orange color and along bloom season.

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