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fishman49(AL 8b)October 26, 2009

While I know that Cardiocrinum grows in West Coast z8, Gulf Coast z8 is an entirely different animal with a different amount of winter chilling hours and much hotter summers. So I would like to hear from successful Southern growers of Cardiocrinums their general location and number of chilling hours before I invest in a plant that might not grow on the Gulf Coast with 450-600 chilling hours.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Personally, I have never read or seen anything about cardiocrinums growing in the southeast. They are not even listed in The Southern Living Garden Book, which is not a good sign.

Crinums, however, are very successful here. There are white varieties too. I imagine you'd have more success with them.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Yeah, but no one would mistake a 12 foot tall Cardiocrinum with a common Crinum (or an uncommon one for that matter).....they can easily take your heat in the summer if you supply the monsoon conditions, but they do like some cold...they do not need a lot of cold though.......they grow them by the millions in Darjeeling, India which is where I used to get mine from and that is not a freezing weather area. Best of luck getting info from someone down south :o) Dan

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I'm not sure chilling hours would be as big an issue as southern heat and humidity. I've tried two different species of Cardiocrinum three times in coastal VA, only to have them melt away after warm, rainy periods in July and August, even having located them in well-drained areas. I've pretty much decided it's not something I want to coddle along again, since there are so many other things that do so well here.

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