Forcing Parrot Tulips

dooyensanOctober 1, 2009

Hello. I'm super new to forcing bulbs to grow. I have never done it before so this is the first time I'm trying this method.

I have tried to look for big, firm tulip bulbs but I was a bit late and all the smaller ones are left. The ones that I got are firm but are a bit blemished and small. I was just wondering if anyone had successfully forced small bulbs to grow? Also, is it okay if I got a pot that only has one drainage holes in the bottom? Should I even bother forcing the small ones? Thanks in advance!

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

I think I would just plant the small Parrot tulip bulbs in the garden for this year. If you want to force some bulbs, the large crocus and small narcissus types are easier to start with than tulips. Hyacinths are relatively easy too. Get large, firm, healthy bulbs and look for cultivars that are marked "good for forcing". I just use green plastic pots with drainage holes in them. You can always put those plastic pots inside more decorative containers when you bring the pots from your cool basement (or unheated garage) into your living room. If you do a "google search" on forcing bulbs, you should find lots of info. on how deep to plant, number of weeks to "chill", etc.

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Thank you for the tips! Yes, I've googled forcing bulbs and found lots of information. I will start with hyacinths and paperwhites first and work my way up to tulips next year.

However, I do have a question. I've found a spare mini fridge that I'm planning to keep my bulbs in but there's a small LED light that can't be shut off. I've tried to take it out but it can't be taken out. I've duct taped it but it only really darken the fridge maybe about 85% to 90%. Does it has to be completely 100% dark in the fridge or wherever area you are placing your bulbs in? Would it affect the chilling period at all? Thanks again and sorry of those are stupid questions!

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