New to bulbs- containers and in ground- any help is appreciated

sckubickaOctober 9, 2013

Hello All,

I recently moved into a place that has a backyard and I'm so excited. I wanted to try my hand at bulbs, but now that I've bought them, I'm afraid I've bitten off more than I can chew.

I have questions about two different things. The first is in ground planting. The bulbs I bought say they should be fall planted (I'm guessing thats around now). My question, once I plant them, do I water them until the first frost, or should they not be watered at all? If they shouldn't be watered, can I wait until later in the year, closer to the first frost to plant? (I only ask because they are going to be planted in an area near ground cover that has just been planted by my housing association and they say I MUST water for a few weeks).

My second question is about planting bulbs in an outdoor container. I have more bulbs than space (too excited I suppose) and would like to try some in a container. My problem is I have no unheated garage that I can store them in over winter. I have a gas closet that may stay the right temperature, but they would get no sun (do they need sun in the winter?) So my main question is how much would mulching (chicken wire enclosure filled with mulch) insulate the containers? Enough to not kill the bulbs?

Finally, when the bulbs are planted in the containers, do they need to be watered at all throughout the winter?

I apologize for all the questions, I tried to search through previous posts but just found myself more confused.

Thank you!

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auron22(6b OH)

Hi Sckubicka :)
I'm not one of the bulb experts, mostly lurking forums.
I'm pretty sure it is ideal to plant fall bulbs early fall.
That gives new bulbs enough time to grow roots and be better prepared for the following year. I've read as long as the ground is workable you can wait until winter...but I think that is for the hardier bulbs.

I'm completely clueless about the container growing.

What kinds did you get? This is my first year with bulbs as well. Can't wait till spring :)

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Your fall planted bulbs are hardy if planted at the right depth for your area. The area being watered is not going to hurt them. Al

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If you are anywhere near Menard's in Niles, they have their bulbs marked way down today! I got bags of 14 tulip bulbs for $2.50, and a bag of 45 daffodils for $13!

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