Pre-growing bulbs in the garage in potting mix?

paulsiu(5a)October 23, 2011

Though it's still not too late to plant some hyacinth bulbs. I am unable to get the area to be planted prepped in time. My current plan is to start the bulb in a pot in an unheated garage and then plant them later in spring.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find too much information on how to do this. The information I find are for forcing, which seems to be get the bulb to bloom in the winter. I am not interested in that. I just want the plant to grow some roots an plant then later with root and all.

Can I use a potting mix, the sort that's soil-less. I recall potting soil don't drain well enough to be use, but potting mix is OK.

Is the garage sufficient? The store said it should work but we need to make sure that the garage's temp don't fall to below -20. I guess I could relocate them to be near the house so it won't be as cold.


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I don't see how a low temperature in the garage would be a problem as long as the pots don't freeze solid for ages. After all they'd be exposed to even lower temps out in the garden. Also I don't think the kind of mix matters much. They just need something to start rooting into. All the food for next spring's flowers is already in the bulbs. They will be out in the garden by the time the leaves start building next year's flowers. The drainage is not that crucial as you will not be watering them much - just keeping them slightly moist. If you use bulb baskets rather than pots you don't even need to take the plants out to plant them in the garden.

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