Zone 7b - What should I do for my bulbs in balcony?

ceraveaOctober 28, 2009

Hello everyone,

I bought some bulbs for planting in my balcony in 7 inch deep planters. I looked up for their zones and divided into three groups,however feel free to correct me. Hyacinth and Lilium have begun to sprout.

Hardy: Crocus, Grape Hyacinth, Allium (Zone 3 & up)

Middle: Hyacinth, Tulip, Lilium candidum (zone 5-6 & up)

Fragile: Freesia (Zone 9)

I live in zone 7b and do not mind digging up etc. However, I have limited space for storing all of them in pots.

Should I plant them now?

Can hyacinth & lilium candidum survive in planter in planter covered with thick mulch? What should I do to give Freesia &others best survival chance?

Any advice is appreciated.

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fishman49(AL 8b)

If the planters are permanent fixtures on the outer edge of your balcony, I would suggest 2 choices: A] Plant now and redig [be careful with new roots] after first night cold enough to start the soil freezing; store in unheated room/refrigerator in slightly damp peat moss; mist occasionally to prevent drying out. Replant in spring. B] Keep refrigerated until after last springtime killing frost, then plant; mist occasionally to prevent drying out. Anything already sprouting/sprouts green will be limited to option A.
If you can move the planters against the house wall, plant now and move the planter after the first killing frost. Then insulate it against sub-freezing temps. What you want to avoid is freezing/thawing cycles that will damage the roots the bulbs will grow before full dormancy.
The freesias and anything else sub-tropical, you will have to treat as houseplants until nighttime spring temps rise above 45 degrees.

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