Refrigerating bulbs

ivysmomOctober 16, 2010

I bought a mess of bulbs this week, for my first attempt at growing tulips, daffodils and freesia for next Spring. I'm in Houston, where it doesn't really get that cold for very long in the winter, and read that refrigerating tulip bulbs is a good prep before putting them in the ground (around Thanksgiving here, or so).

Should I also do the same for the daffodil and freesia bulbs?

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Tulips in my climate require a MINIMUM of six weeks of refrigerator temperatures. Daffodils and freesia will not require extra chilling. Your refrigerator should not also contain fresh fruit, which may cause the tulips to fail to bloom. Al

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Thanks! 6 weeks should put me right after Thanksgiving... so there or early December-ish. I'll leave the daffodils out of the fridge, then. Occasionally we have some strawberries in there, but otherwise the fruit is canned (for now... growing my own in the back yard, but no harvest just yet :)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Do you know what varieties the daffodils are, or are they maybe mixes? Some daffodils can only be grown in the ground, with no additional chilling up to zone 7 or zone 8.

Example, Goldfinger can only be grown in zones 3 thru 7 without chilling in warmer zones.

Ice Follies is suggested in zones 4 thru 8, so 'may' be fine with no extra chill before planting in your zone 8B/9A.


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One bag only says trumpet mix. The others are queen of the night and darwin hybrid.

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And of course, I mentioned tulips in there when asking about daffodils. Obviously the queen of the night and darwin hybrids are tulips. Sorry about that -- it was starting to get late :)

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