Forcing bulbs for spring

lily51(OH 5)October 7, 2010

Does anyone force bulbs for spring?

I did last year "by accicdent". found some bulbs that had been in the garden house over the winter, put them in some pots in early April, set them in the greenhouse and had blossoms in a few weeks.

This year I'm planning more, using bulb pots and a cold frame in the old barn.

I know daffodils are easy, but would like to try tulips and Hyacinths. Any tricks for these?

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Nothing different about tulips or hyacinths. The only thing with tulips is, as a general rule, your probably should only force the earlier varieties and the shorter ones -- late ones may not bloom properly under household conditions, and tall ones may flop terribly without adequate light. But, if you have a greenhouse, even those will be fine.

The only other thing to watch out for are mice/voles getting the bulbs. They don't eat hyacinths, grape hyacinths, or daffodils, but will completely destroy tulips, crocus if they have a chance.

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