Where is the Front? (Gladiolus)

tkhooper(7)October 21, 2010

I have finally learned where the bottom and where the top of a bulb is. Now I guess, I need to know where the front of the bulb is. All of my gladiolus turned their faces to the white exterior of my house rather than facing the sun where I could really appreciate them. Is the reflected light from the white siding confusing them or is there a "front" to a glad bulb? They are planted about 6 inches from the siding of the house.

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Unfortunately, there is no "side" to a glad corm - just a top and a bottom. Normally they'll bloom facing the sun, but there's probably enough reflected light from being 6" away from your white siding to have them bloom in that direction.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Bummer. My roses bloom toward the shrubs "behind" them rather than toward me. And my climbing fortuniana blooms for the neighbor's motor home.

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It sounds like I'll have to move them. Now the question is where.

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If they (the glads) are all lined up in a row, they aren't going to look great no matter in which direction they bloom.

Your best option would be in an area in full sun (sun up to sun down full). Plant deeper and closer together than is usually recommended on the boxes, etc. Plant them in clusters. Chances are then that many of them will probably bloom facing East, but you should get a mix of all directions.

Like I've said before, glads are gorgeous. But they're at their best in a vase where you can pull off the spent florets and cut down the stems to keep the bouquet looking fresh. Out in the yard, they don't look so hot once the spent florets start climbing up the stalk.

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