lavender daffodil

jsankusOctober 15, 2008

i saw an advertisement for a daffodil with a lavender trumpet but didn't do anything about it when I should have.

Now I am beginning to belive I am the only one who saw it.

Does anyone else know about this daffodil?

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Now I am beginning to belive I am the only one who saw it.
I imagine you are the only one, as there are no lavender daffodils. It was either the work of some photo doctoring, a false advertisement, or someone who just does not know any better.

A short while back an ebay member was selling daffodil bulbs quite cheaply. Upon looking at her pic, it looked like she had taken a daylily root and then trimmed all the individual roots off of it. I wrote her about it, and she asked 'me' what I 'thought' it was.

Ok...Here is the thread.
There is a lot of bad info on the net and being sold for something it isn't.

If you go the link below, and do a search on lavender in the Flower Name box, you will see there are 4 daffs with Lavender in their name.

There is
Lavender Hope
Lavender Lady
Lavender Lass
and Lavender Mist.

If you look at the pics (there are pics for 3 of them) you will see that there is absolutely no lavender to them in any way. It is just a name.
There are maybe about 15,000 different varieties, (please do not quote me on that) so that's a lot of different names.


Here is a link that might be useful: Daffseek

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