Does Costco have bulbs yet?

katefisher(Z7_NorthernCA)October 7, 2008

I want to get a couple of bags and can never seem to reach a three dimensional being at the Costco in Reno which is the closest for us. I thought I bought them around this time last year.

Thank you.


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I live in the SF Bay Area, and they've had them for about a month.

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Sam's Club has had them since early September.

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Thank you both. I should just run over then and get some. Even if ours does not have bulbs I'm sure something from Costco will come home with me, I've never left the store with nothing yet.


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Sam's Club bulbs were 100 tulips or daffodils for $13.87. They also had boxes of specific colors for tulips and daffs that were 60 to a box for $14.66. There were boxes of hyacinths, crocuses, and other stuff. They had 6 dutch, bearded iris rhizomes to a box for the same price. I passed on those. Seemed a little steep for something I already had an offer to let me dig up for free.

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The Sam's Clubs and Costcos in mid-Michigan were out as of 2 weeks ago. Better luck in your area!

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I got mine 3 weeks ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma and there seemed to be plenty left. On the other hand, I was told they sell out early and to get them right away.

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Just found some in local Costco but they only had 80-100 count bags. I've already got 140 bulbs and nowhere to put that many more.

Clerk said they'd be gone pretty soon, though.

I end up impulsively grabbing bags of Muscari and Crocus every time I'm in Lowe's right up until November/December.

Last year I grabbed more than those little bulbs and ended having nowhere to plant them.

Gotta stay strong this year...LOL.

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