Planting Allium Globe master

brigarif KhanOctober 16, 2011


I live in Lahore Pakistan (USA Zone 10-11)

I am going to plant 10 bulbs of Allium Globe master for the first time.

I understand they bloom in May like Haemanthus multiflorus.

I plant my stored bulbs of Haemanthus in early spring and the blooms appear in early May before the foliage. The timing remains the same even when the bulbs are left in the ground.

SHOULD I treat the Globe master the same way? Or should I plant it now?

If planted now, when should I expect it to sprout?


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bragarif, they should definitely be planted in fall. I've grown tonnes of alliums now, including several globemasters, and all were planted in October/November, it gives them time to develop a root system before the growth spurt in the spring. One note, after 2 years I had the bulbs multiply and had 9 new bulbs just from one original, so make sure to dig them up in a couple years to separate.

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brigarif Khan

Thank you,wouldnt it be better to pull them out after the foliage has died. They may rot in July August the hot rainy season.

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It just depends if the soil drains well, if you have a low organic content, high amount of sand, it's probably fine. I would just worry about the bulbs getting enough cold to bloom again the next year.

Most flowering bulbs are native to the northern middle east, like Iran, Turkey and Caucus Mountains.

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