Arum italicum pictum, marmoratum

donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)October 25, 2010

I am putting together a large pot for winter to sit on my east facing roofed front porch. I have tried pansies, hyacinths, and such there in the past, but it seems to get too much shade in winter for sun lovers. So, I am going to put in a tall evergreen Male Fern, some white variegated monkey grass, and some Arum.

My question is this. Can the arums stay in the pot all the time? This pot is planted year round, and through the summer, it gets watered every single day. I have read conflicting info on the water needs of this bulb. Some say it needs consistent moisture, Pamela Harper says arum hate wet soil. I have to wonder where the line is between consistent moisture and wet? Ken A. can perhaps advise on the best kind of potting medium to use to walk this line?

If the bulbs will rot under these conditions, I want to know if I can dig, store, and replant them each year, or should I get a separate pot for this porch spot and change them out seasonally?

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Arum Italicum is a good plant for dry shade. It grows lush in my shady beds in the woods where it gets little or no supplimentary water, even in the heat of summer, but it is dormant then anyway. I think too much moisture would probably rot it. I've never grown it in a pot, don't know how successful it would be for the long run.

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