how to work with Glads that survive a zone 5 winter

dcrosby(5MA)October 6, 2009

Dear garden folk

I know that you should wait until the leaves on the bulbs turns brown and then top them off. But what about glads? Since they're not supposed to be hardy here i'm not sure how to treat them. The stalks are still green and healthy. Do i cut the healthy stalks down or...what?



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Wait until they turn brown then dug them up and removed the tops at that time and store in a dark dry cool location then re-plant them next spring. We use to dig them up and leave them on the ground to dry out completely before removing the tops and storing them away. We only put them into a bushel basket and placed them in our cellar for the winter.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Dale ~~ green leaves are still feeding the bulb for next year's bloom. Wait as long as you can before freezes to dig.

Replant as soon as possible (spring) to get them on a cycle where the foliage has begun to brown by October.

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I have had Glads for quite a few years now. I am in a zone 5b. Like the other people said I wait till they go brown to cut down. But mine survive the winter in the ground. They are on the south side of my house close to my foundation and they have done great! They also have mulc over them, but no more than anything else gets.

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flower_addict88(7A NC)

They sure do take forever for their leaves to turn brown though!!! A few of mine are browning slightly, but the majority is still bright green...I want to move some to different locations, but I am still waiting.

I have about 200 glads planted. They are so beautiful even the common varieties. They make excellent cutflowers.


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